Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Letter To The Editor On Mike McDermott Treatment Of Lynn Dodenhoff

Dear Editor:
I read with great sadness, Lynn Dodenhoff's letter about the murder of her daughter and Mike McDermott's insensitive comments to her regrading her death. As a victim of a violent crime, one that I barely survived, I can tell you first hand what it takes to live with such a trauma, and the need for compassion and sensitivity. Violent crime knows no social or economic bounds. Every crime victim, and their families, need to be treated with respect, empathy and compassion. Especially by law enforcement. They are the first conduit between the families of victims, and can be instrumental in their emotional well being post-violent incident. I was fortunate to have the support of our Philadelphia District Attorney and the detectives who were advisers on my case. Unless you have been a victim of a violent crime or a family member, you cannot imagine how much that support helps in those darkest hours after a murder or attack. Worcester County deserves a sheriff and law enforcement staff that cares about its residents, and treats them with the utmost dignity. One of the reasons I decided to volunteer on Matt Crisafulli's campaign for sheriff, is because I saw in him the empathy, experience, and the concern for all of the people in the county. He will be the kind of sheriff who won't be a bureaucrat, but a leader who values community policing and truly cares about the people he serves. His oath is to the U.S. Constitution and the people of Worcester County. And to Lynn Dodenoff, thank you for your honesty and speaking out about your loss. I want you to know that your daughter's life had meaning and purpose. May she rest in peace.
Dava Guerin,

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