Monday, April 16, 2018

Somerset Co. Sheriff's Office Alcohol sale compliance checks

On April 10th the Somerset Co. Sheriff's Office conducted alcohol sale compliance checks at various businesses in the northern section of the county.

The following businesses were checked and found to be in compliance (no alcohol sold to minor): Pocomoke River Market in Pocomoke, Sysco Cash and Carry in Pocomoke, Dash In in Westover, Kings Creek Market in Princess Anne, Somerset Co. Liquor Dispensary in Princess Anne, Junior's Wines in Princess Anne, Kash & Karry in Princess Anne, Royal Farms Store in Princess Anne and Eden One Stop in Eden.

Only one business was checked and found to be noncompliant (sold alcohol to a minor): Somerset Co. Liquor Dispensary in Pocomoke. Charges are pending against the employee who conducted the sale.

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