Monday, April 30, 2018

Letter To The Editor On Holly Center Movie Night

"I am hoping that you will publish this letter to the editor regarding my experience during "Holly Center Movie Night"

I want to preface this with the fact that I have zero issue with the mentally challenged being out and enjoying things like everyone else, the issue I have is the timing of such events.

Thursday night was opening night of the biggest summer movie Avengers Infinity War. It was a packed house. As people are getting settled in we started hearing someone yelling "Quiet Down" as they were coming in theater. Most everyone in the theater turned their heads to look at who was making such noise coming into the theater. Just then coming into the theater were several care givers along with several mentally challenged people. There was just one of them making any noise and it was nonstop. When the lights went down for the movie to start, all you could hear was this gentleman making motor noises and yelling quiet down and other things that you couldn't understand. There were spans of like 20 min he would be quiet, but for the most part it was very disruptive. Nobody wanted to say anything and be "that" person who was complaining about a mentally challenged person.

I just would think if they know they have a disruptive person who is going to go out to the movies, that they would pick a less busy movie time so as not disturb so many people. I felt like everyone else that it wasn't fair we couldn't even say anything about it and let our experience be ruined so we wouldn't be labeled"

EDITOR'S NOTE: I posted this because I was sitting beside this mentally challenged guy, and what they stated above is true. He was very disruptive, but again who wants to complain about the mentally challenged because it is a no win.