Monday, March 12, 2018

Easton Police Press Release


Disrupting School Operations:
On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Easton Police referred a 13 year old female (from Trappe, MD) for actions that resulted in the evacuation of Easton Middle School, on Tuesday, March 6th.
On March 6th, Police Officers responded to the school after a replica bullet and note was located in a females’ restroom. The note mentioned a non-specific threat towards the student body. The replica bullet was found to be a novelty cigarette lighter. Upon the officer’s arrival, school officials had already begun evacuating students and staff.
The investigation later lead Detectives to interview an 8th grader who ultimately admitted to leaving the items in the restroom. During this interview, she did express remorse, with no real intent (or ability) to injure or harm anyone.
The Easton Police wish to commend Easton Middle School staff for acting without delay, keeping the safety of the student body in the forefront. Easton Police also commend the student body for their conduct during the evacuation process. The evacuation was observed as being very efficient and orderly.

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