Thursday, March 1, 2018

4pm Q&A Returns Today


Anonymous said...

If a Woodchuck could Chuck wood. How much wood could a Woodchuck ?Ray?

Anonymous said...

Some important questions for you to address -

Did Bill McCain really say that teachers should be exempt from property taxes on their homes? Would he also want to give extra money to teachers who rent so they are not discriminated against? How much money would the County lose under his scheme unless they increased the tax rate on everyone else?

Is Culver still planning to give county money to the "Station 13" group?

Is the Republican central committee trying to get a candidate to run against Josh Hastings?

Anonymous said...

Is Mark Figgs in Jail?

How can someone with such a horrible criminal record run for office in Somerset?

Why does a County Clerk need to be voted in? It sounds like a glorified secretary!

Anonymous said...

And why on Earth would a teacher be exempt from paying property taxes that we are mandated to pay.

This is not directed at the McCain bride. I remember knowing of Mrs. McCain years ago and she was a very decent person. Still is I'm sure.