Friday, February 16, 2018

Students found with weapons in 2 Maryland high schools on Thursday

Two different students at two different Maryland high schools were found to be in possession of weapons on school grounds.

One student, who has been identified as 18-year-old Alwin Chen, was found with a handgun on Thursday afternoon at Clarksburg High School, according to a letter sent by Principal Edward Owusu.

Montgomery County police said in a report on Thursday night the gun was a loaded, 9mm handgun.

Owusu said that the school received a report shortly before 2 p.m. on Thursday that a Clarksburg student may be in possession of a weapon. After locating the student, Chen, the School Resource Officer (SRO) asked Chen if he possessed any weapons. Chen said he had a handgun in his bag and a knife in his front shirt pocket. Both were searched and the weapons were confiscated.

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Anonymous said...

I was reading comments on other news sites and you know people had the nerve to say the police went overboard with the pellet gun incident!! That’s what’s wrong with this world!

Anonymous said...

Now this isn't good but what do we do? This student knows darn right well guns and knives are not allowed in school but ignored the law. He's exhibiting anti social behavior. Locking him up and tossing the key isn't an option. Labeling these kids as mentally ill or whatever sometimes escalates the problem because they are angered they are being labeled and not normal. Most likely he has anger management issues which is usually the case with kids who ignore laws. And this goes back to parenting.

Anonymous said...

11:00 when it comes to students safety and the staff I don’t care about his feelings! Why should we all tread on water so we don’t offend anyone who is a danger. Kids who don’t obey the law and get away with it or a slap on the wrist guess what they grow up to become adults who don’t obey the law. All because people like you who are afraid to hurt their feelings!

Anonymous said...

11:58 I'm not afraid to hurt anyone's feeling at all. If it were up to me I would lock them up for life or at least a public flogging but that's not an option. What do you do expel them from school? Cruz was expelled but look what he did. Once they get in school it's too late. Their parents should have been hurting their feelings since they were out of diapers is my opinion. Controlling anger and emotions should be taught at a young age but it's not in many cases. My point is the schools in an attempt to not hurt feelings labels a child giving them an excuse to behave the way they do. These labels often cause more problems.

Anonymous said...

boy must be yakuza