Friday, February 2, 2018

SECU Armored Truck Hit Update In Salisbury

Many people have been asking for any updates to the Armored Truck Heist at SECU on Mt Hermon Road In Salisbury.

1. One thing you need to understand is the Police and Bank are never going to tell you how much money they actually made off with. The reason is simple. They don't want to encourage others to follow the leader by saying hey they made off with $$$$ lets do the same. When arrests are made then at some point they may reveal but we may never really know.

2. There needs to be some push to install cameras at major intersections which would increase the chances of seeing direction, vehicle etc when crimes are committed.

3. We can assume by the lack of further photos of the suspects that this must have been the only usable photo of the team that hit the truck. I rode behind SECU this week and saw how little the cameras actually could see of the ATM region. I think Banks need to up their camera game and make the entire parking lot on all sides covered.

4. My feelings are these guys must not be local if Police have no new leads. We have some good detectives and with the FBI also helping if they were local I just feel they would have had them by now.

Please if you have any information on this case contact the Salisbury Police Department.


Anonymous said...

If there was mention of a dye pack or packs I missed it.Even a local would need to disappear for a while until it came off.I probably watch too much TV and there may not have even been a dye pack.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the SPD has enlisted retired police officers to beat the bushes.They look strange wearing plain clothes.I saw one yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I think they aren't local either ,they followed the truck and don't know how true but heard worker is involved and lie detector test is rumored . And word is they got close to 1 million

Anonymous said...

Check the zoos you will find one

Anonymous said...

No more cash from atm, if you need cash should be military guarded buildings ran by the government 24 7 .Have buildings spread out, why pay military to fight wars thatS not ours bring them home and protect here in USA.

Anonymous said...

10:40 good one

Anonymous said...

Fact, and your welcome from a VERY good source ..... $1,300,000 can you say ouch ?

Anonymous said...

I agree more cameras are needed everywhere in salisbury

Anonymous said...

Dye packs can not be used in ATMs. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

#2 no no no no openly suggesting surveillance for the sake of safety, read 1984 by George Orwell

Anonymous said...

1:18 PM BS my whereabouts dont need to be monitored by the government. Maybe the bank needs to be responsible and install better cameras.

Anonymous said...

1:18 Yeah, let's turn the US into the UK. Cameras everywhere. Keep walking the line, slave.

Anonymous said...

ATM should not be on back of the bldg.

Anonymous said...

They got about 1500 bucks

Anonymous said...

Their makeup artist should get an Oscar.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

People who want cameras everywhere, do not have a well informed understanding of what our government is capable of and has done to citizens when it needs to achieve a goal.

Living in a city where we now have cameras on every street corner, every stop light, even mobile police cameras mounted on 20 foot poles attached to trailers, I can tell you... they will lie to you to get the camera infrastructure in place and then all it takes is a swipe of a pen to change the rules.

Way back in 1995 or so, Nevada sold residents on the idea of traffic cams on all major intersections.

The promise was that the cameras would never be used in police investigations, they would only be used for traffic accident and flow studies to help with future roadway designs.

That is what they promise you, until the cameras are all hanging and then it only takes a swipe of a pen to authorize the cameras to be used for other sometimes less than Constitutional purposes.

Here in Las Vegas, the minute I leave my home, there is a camera on every intersection I cross.

For any reason they desire, the government, be it local, state or federal can access those cameras and follow my daily movements to the store, to work, leaving work, leaving town, who is in the car with me, what I am wearing, if I combed my hair this morning... all is recorded and maintained in a database.

Now! As long as our government is trustworthy, honest, honorable, incapable of violating our civil rights... all is okay.

And we all know that is how governments work, with the highest ethical and moral standards.

Some say, "If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about!" These are the people who live a sheltered life and don't get out much. They live in their own little, safe niche' and really don't have any clue as to how the system, our government or humans in general operate.

I travel a lot, both nationally, having explored, spent time in dozens of hundreds of small towns, hamlets, townships and cities in 47 of the 50 states and four foreign countries and very often my time is spent in Five Star Restaurants and Hotels as well as streets nobody should ever go down in East LA, Compton, Mexico, Wales, Scotland, England, Green Street in Baltimore, 13th Street in DC and I have been in some places I realized I might not escape, but none of those places cause me as much concern as our honest, ethical, moral government knowing everything I do.

I am not a criminal, but all of us could be set up so, so easily, just a word spoken by an unethical, immoral person of influence and any of us could be facing jail time or worse.

Tracking our movement is one of the greatest fears the Authors of the Constitution had for a free nation.

One of the reasons for the Fourth Amendment, we were guaranteed the freedom of movement and freedom from unwarranted stops and searches.

If we keep nibbling away our Constitutional guarantees, then we will undoubtedly some face to face with what our Founding Fathers understood was America's greatest threat... THE ENEMY DOMESTIC.

We are fastly approaching that point today.

"But our government would not abuse our freedoms by tracking our every movement and using that information against us!"

Please tell me you are not that naive.

But here is a history lesson of how trustworthy, ethical and moral our government has been in the past.

They are the ENEMY DOMESTIC our Founding Fathers warned us would come.

We have forgotten they are servants of the people... we have turned them into gods.

I wrote this prose during the election, but the chronology is still valid.

Anonymous said...

White guys perhaps? The means to turn anyone's natural color to any other color is a reality.I never eliminate any possibility,and converting a white person to a black person or vice versa could be convincingly done in an hour.