Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Salisbury City Council overrides Mayor Day's veto on pay increases

SALISBURY, Md. - The Salisbury City Council officially voted to override Mayor Day's veto on pay increases, on Monday evening.

According to the City of Salisbury, the Council unanimously voted to override Mayor Day's veto on pay salary increases, on Monday. The increases will go into effect after the next election.

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Anonymous said...

Who didn't see this one coming?

Anonymous said...

Good for our City Council!!! These men and women deserve the increase, none of them getting rich off of it that's for damn sure. The crap they put up with and the mud slinging from crap individuals that don't even reside in the City...who are negative about ever single issue The Mayor and City Council come up with to continue to improve our wonderful City of Salisbury should leave the area fast before we close the Bay Bridge and they are stuck here!!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton needs to be run out of town! So her votes against the pay raise while he was running for County Clerk knowing pay raises look bad in political races. THEN *after* he withdraws from that County Clerk race votes YES on the pay raise. This guy is the most devious political type I've ever seen. God why hasn't he been sent on a one way bus ride to Rehoboth? WHY!