Friday, February 16, 2018

Report anything 'troubling,' especially seen on social media, Maryland lieutenant governor tells Harford Tech students

A day after another horrific school massacre, this one at a high school in Florida, Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford had a message for students at Harford Technical High School Thursday.

Rutherford encouraged students and parents to report anything “troubling” from a classmate or friend that they see on social media.

“In most cases, it’ not going to mean anything, but we just want to be careful,” he said. “Incidents like this, we see that sometimes young people are troubled, and it could be a warning sign that they need some help right now before it gets worse.”

Rutherford was at the magnet school in Bel Air to learn about the various programs open to its students.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Exactly who are these mystery people who follow up on these reports? When potential problem people are identified,what action will be taken if that individual has done nothing wrong? And while we're on the topic,who is monitoring the millions of sex offenders who live all over our country? Re registering is pretty much it.10,000 "suspicious" people were reported yesterday in the US.Is anyone doing the math here or are they just blabbing as a knee jerk reaction & blaming everyone in sight after the next shooting?There cannot possibly be enough law enforcement professionals to follow up on everyone.