Friday, February 16, 2018

Maryland school district moves toward Confederate flag ban

A Maryland county school district is advancing plans to ban Confederate flag imagery from schools.

Carroll County Superintendent Stephen Guthrie says the revised dress code will stand up in court. This comes after a Carroll County School Board Wednesday meeting where a ban on wearing and displaying the flag was discussed.

Guthrie says he wants to ban the flag from campuses entirely, meaning it wouldn't be able to appear on anything from clothing to bumper stickers on school grounds. Guthrie says the flag has been "hijacked by hate groups" and used to promote violence.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Carroll County is much like the rest of Maryland, run by low testosterone liberals with little or no knowledge of history.

Anonymous said...

The flag was just a test now they know they can tie a racist brand to whatever and whom ever they choose to target and eliminate them.

Anonymous said...

Banning in other words getting rid of these flags is not the answer. As tragic and as sad as the Parkland shooting is everyone forgets the 1000's of black youth murdered and the 10's of 1000's shot ever year in this country. This because blacks don't teach their young properly. If they don't like something or feel it "disrespects" them they teach their young to get rid of it and that's is why their youth are slaughtering each other.