Thursday, March 22, 2018

It Is Time For Answers In The Patricia Dudek Missing Persons Case

Patricia Dudek a beautiful Mother of three children went missing January 7th 2002 from her residence at 505 Hemlock street. When her Daughter left for School that morning Patricia was arguing with her Boyfriend at the time Dwight Portillo. I have reached out to Dwight multiple times to see if he could remember anything from the morning she went missing but have had no response.

Patricia had pending court hearings scheduled from a December 20th 2001 Custody filing involving Mr Portillo.

It is time after 16 years for someone to let their conscience lead them to do the right thing and let the family know what happened to her so her and her children can have peace. If you know anything about this case contact any numbers on the photos above or leave me a comment here and I will make sure it gets to appropriate authorities. 


Anonymous said...

What happen missing person Larry Northam missing since 2007?

Anonymous said...

8:34-He's still missing the last I heard.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Todd?

Brittany Stanley said...

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