Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It Is The Final Countdown

9pm tonight is it for any candidates seeking Office


Anonymous said...

Why the Hell are the Republicans giving Josh Hastings a free seat on the County Council?? Surely there is a Republican in District 4 that has the gonads to file today. Trust me he won't get elected if a Republican has the courage to file for District 4 in the Camden Area of Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

I talked to some guy, said this going to happen without cross county coordina- something or other, then said a bunch of stuff I didn't understand, said the pendulum would have to swing the other way or some such, bad air filled with fools rushing into a vacuumn. I didn't really understand all of it. I wonder how much our taxes are going to up? The good news is the city types will now be running the county AND the school board! Whoopee! Vote Bernie!!! I'm getting me some free stuff!