Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Is Social Security to blame for so many men dying at 62?

“A lot happens in our early 60s. Some change jobs, scale back working hours or retire. Our health-care coverage may shift. We may have fewer financial resources, or we may begin collecting Social Security," Fitzpatrick told The Wall Street Journal. “About one-third of Americans immediately claim Social Security at 62. Ten percent of men retire in the month they turn 62.”

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha sounds a good mystery theory, but, I don't believe that's the issue! Here's my "theory"...once folks retire, especially men begin hanging out at McDonald's for gossip, early morning coffee and breakfast from the fast food restaurants!!!! That's what's killing them!!!!

Anonymous said...

This 62 thing is brand new to me,and no one can argue with stats.I retired at 58 & got SS at 62.I walk a mile or so each day & turned 65 a few months ago.My lifestyle could use improvement,but I'm a born loner,so engaging is not relevant to me.I retired to get away from people,and haven't regretted it for a moment.