Friday, February 16, 2018

Easton Police Community Alert

Community Alert
On February 14, 2018 Officers were advised by a citizen of a possible theft scheme/ fraud. The victim reported that they had contacted a seller on the mobile app “Let Go” to purchase a cell phone. The seller and buyer agreed to meet in the area of Jowite Street, Easton, MD to complete the trade. It was found that the seller misrepresented the cell phone being sold and that the buyer had purchased a damaged and inoperable cell phone. While investigating this matter, Officers learned that the possible seller(s) were going to use the “Let Go” app to set up buyers for fake purchases and then rob them when they arrived for the trade.
The Easton Police Department does not discourage the use of apps such as “Let Go” by citizens. It does recommend that citizens take precautions whenever they choose to make purchases from or trades with people they are unfamiliar with.
Research the buyer: Make attempts to confirm that the seller is reputable. Many websites and apps that facilitate the sale or trade of items provide the opportunity for buyers to rate the seller.
Be aware of your surroundings: Don’t go to areas or neighborhoods which you are unfamiliar with. Choose well lit, very public locations that allow your exchange to be viewed by others. The Easton Police Department is a participant in “Transaction Safe Place” and is available as an exchange location.
Trust your instincts: If you find yourself uncomfortable with the buyer, location or other factors of the exchange, be willing to walk away from the deal.
If you follow these simple guidelines, you can increase your personal safety and ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of

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