Friday, February 16, 2018

Bills set up a beer battle in Maryland’s House of Delegates

WASHINGTON — Should a beer bill passed last year in Maryland be largely thrown out, like a bottle of stale brew?

The legislation was approved mainly to lure a Guinness brewery to Baltimore County, but it has angered other beer makers in the state.

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House in Baltimore County is the first active Guinness brewery in the U.S. since 1954.

“The comptroller as well as others in the craft beer industry … complained vociferously, quite honestly, about what they thought were harmful effects that the passage of that legislation would do on their industry,” said Del. Dereck Davis, a Democrat representing Prince George’s County.

So he, along with Del. Talmadge Branch (a Democrat representing Baltimore), have co-sponsored a new bill.

“All House Bill 1052 does is repeal what we did last year. What they quite frankly told us was a negative,” said Davis.

Under the plan introduced this week, the annual limit on beer sales for on-site consumption at breweries would drop from 2,000 barrels a year back to 500. That was the limit before last year’s legislation was enacted.

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Anonymous said...

Another case of Government being too involved in industries / businesses they have no idea of how there idiot rulings affect the businesses they seek to regulate!

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest days of the year for Wicomico County employees is the beer festival. There is nothing better than free beer while being on the clock. They get there early and stay late. Wait til you see the pictures. Taxpayers will be proud.

Anonymous said...

359 might be right. I've seen county employees at the festival who appear to be more intoxicated than regular customers. Maybe it's just one of the perks of the job.

Anonymous said...

Spend your good money at Evolution or Dogfish Head Breweries! 3rd. Wave is up and coming, but TT Brewery is a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

I prefer natty daddys right after I clock in