Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bill would give all Maryland law enforcement officers injured in line of duty same disability retirement pension

A bill has been introduced to the Maryland General Assembly that will give all law enforcement officers in Maryland a 66 2/3 percent disability retirement pension following a line of duty injury if they’re no longer able to work.

House Bill 971 is sponsored by Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, who represents District 34A and worked with Sandi Easton, of Aberdeen, whose husband, Jason Easton, was shot in the eye Dec. 4, 2015 while responding to a call on Ohio Court in Aberdeen.

Easton, an Aberdeen Police Department officer, was shot in the face with pellets from a shotgun blast. The shooting left him blind in his left eye and unable to go back to work for Aberdeen Police Department.

Aberdeen didn’t have what Sandi Easton or Lisanti thought was an adequate provision for officers who are injured in the line of duty and can’t return to work, they said.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. If they are hurt in the line of duty they should get full benefits! Never realized that wasn't already in effect....