Friday, January 5, 2018

Snow Emergency remains in effect in the City

Snow Emergency remains in effect in the City. Please be advised that plowing operations have been focused on keeping the Snow Emergency routes open and passable. Now that the snow has stopped falling, we anticipate being able to transition over to the residential and side streets at some point later this morning. HOWEVER, until such time, if you do not drive a 4x4 with some clearance YOU CAN GET STUCK if you attempt to drive on the side streets.
 More information will be forthcoming as conditions improve today.


Anonymous said...

No sidewalk cleaning today in the City limits! To damn cold to open the door....come on April 2018!

Anonymous said...

City Mayor says city sidewalks must be cleared by 3 pm today or owner will be fined! My city street has not seen a plow! But then again, I am not downtown or on Camden! City taxpayers should fine the Mayor via a tax credit!