Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Personal Reflections Of 10 Years Running This Site : Simply The Best Bob Caldwell

As I reflect back on ten years of running this site, I wanted to take some posts throughout the year and reflect on some of the important people and events that made a big impact on my life.

First up is one man that I thought the world of and was a mentor and friend to me. Bob Caldwell. Bob was an amazing man and one that I was so thankful to have met. Bob and I rang the Salvation Army bell together one year before he passed away and we spent the entire 4 hour shift just talking politics and he shared with me his vast knowledge of the subject. Bob was also the first person who told me about now Judge Matt Maciarello. Bob was a republican and was working to find a candidate to cleanse the Wicomico County States Attorney's Office from the cloud of Davis Ruark. Bob told me about what an amazing person Matt was, and it was from that conversation that I got to know Matt and become friends with him.

The courage he displayed in his multi year fight with cancer was legendary. The superman attire which was his favorite, suited him perfectly. It is hard to believe Bob has been gone since 2011. I miss his friendship everyday and it is meeting people like him that have made all the drama with running this site worth it.


Anonymous said...

Bob was one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Bob was replaced on the Council by John Hall.