Saturday, January 20, 2018

Incredible Turnout To Welcome Pinnochio To Salisbury Zoo

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Anonymous said...

WOW...some other blog reports the Zoo is nothing, poor management and no visitors because of the nasty enclosures! Wonder if he ventured out to see first hand the turnout or is MS. CROWE giving him the headline???? The City of Salisbury has plenty of support regardless of what some report or comment on! Proof is in the turnout, wait for the Folk Festival!!!!

Anonymous said...

1:16 PM oh how uninformed you are.

There are 3 Wallaby's that have been in a temporary enclosure for over 2 years. They are hidden from the public view next to their admin building

All the prairie dogs died in the last flood

The owls are still living in a chain linked fenced dog style enclosure with one log for them to perch on due to - so the zoo claims - no money to rebuild. They are also hidden from public view behind the admin building.

When the pictures we took, of this BS, were published, they further hid them from view by draping a huge black cloth from a fence to further hide their ignorance from the public they couldn't fool.

Sure lets celebrate a bear that we didn't need and couldn't afford because they can't even properly care for the animals they already have.

Anonymous said...

i'd rather see more "humans" in a cage than animals

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

9:54 They should just let them go into the Pocomoke forest

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a shit less about that zoo and waste of tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

1:33 PM yea well the owl that escaped was probably better off until they recaptured it and shoved it in a 5' cage.

what an embarrassment that place is and the public is stupid to the truth.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I couldn't give a shit less about that zoo and waste of tax dollars.

January 21, 2018 at 8:12 PM


As long as you understand... IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

When I was there in December, there were perhaps a dozen people with their kids and their kids were having a fun time with their parents in a setting that did not include Rap Shit and YO YO!

You remind me of one of my neighbors who bitched all the time about his taxes going to pay for schools, when he did not have any kids. He thought that was a total waste of his tax dollars.

I told him, "I am going to bet my last shiny new dime, that when you are on the operating table waiting for the surgeon to come in and save your selfish ass life, that you are hoping he has the best education money can buy. I will bet when you fly on a plane to your vacation destination, you are going to pray to God, that the pilot had the best education money and the taxes of others could buy."

I pay my taxes for many things I will never enjoy or have access to and I do so willingly, so that others may enjoy those things, spend the day with their parents feeding animals in a zoo, fishing in the park or just a healthy family picnic in a safe zone they might not otherwise have.