Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WCPS Statement Regarding Rumors and Social Media:

WCPS Statement Regarding Rumors and Social Media:

Wicomico Public Schools takes all possible threats seriously, and this morning we took precautions due to rumors on social media.  We had Wicomico Sheriff’s deputies sweep Wicomico High School after a student posted on social media that someone might be bringing a gun to school.

An investigation took place, in cooperation with law enforcement, and all gathered information indicated that this rumor was false.  We are continuing to investigate.

Please remind your child NEVER to post, OR re-post information that may be inaccurate in nature, or of a threatening nature to a school, staff or student.  Students may consider it a harmless prank, yet these types of actions could result in criminal consequences.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...


Someone told me you had a special guest post about a scam that Marty Neat and Culver are trying to pull on Wicomico County residents about the money for Wor-Wic students and the land "donation" deal that the Council postponed again today. But I don't see the post -- what happened?

Jonathan Taylor said...

im saving it for later time