Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mother Of Parkside Student Is OK With No Moment Of Silence

Moms statement Friends and family I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given myself and my family in this time of heartache we're going through. I never thought I'd ever be the one to go through something like this. My Bug was always so happy and positive but somewhere, sometime and somehow bully and life got the best of her. Everyone may not agree with what I'm about to say but I totally see why Parkside is handling this situation the way they are. As much as I'd love to lay blame on the school I can't! Now the kids in Parkside is another story. Parkside has handled some of our issues great over the last two months but it's the issues that get overlooked like kids walking through halls hooping and hollering and name calling or throwing water or water bottles so quick then hiding like cowards into the crowds of kids. We've all been teenagers at one point in life and know how overwhelming it can be. I've never understood why people are so mean and ignorant. No one should or deserves to be picked on because they're of different ethnic background, sexuality or personality.  Kate went from small Pittsville Elem/middle school where we were a small family to an overwhelming high school and unfortunately it took its toll on her, but the issues that were brought to Parksides attention were taken care in a very professional manner.  The letter that was sent home was run by me first before it was printed and as far as a moment of silence....well I understand why it didn't happen. We're not trying to promote suicide as something good. I don't want another child to think " Hey... Kaitlyn is getting all this attention I wonder if I'd get the same amount?"  It's not the answer...get help, talk to someone anyone.  The principal has been by my side since Saturday afternoon and helping in anyway she can. So please stop bashing the high school right now.... bullying starts at home.  Social media is the main culprit  now a days...social media is my main concern. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram...etc is and has become some on of our childrens worst enemies. So let's stop playing the blame game or the what if game...I'm doing that enough myself and I don't like it. We need to stick together ....what's the old saying it takes a village to raise a child. Thank you again to everyone that's been there its much appreciated.

Editor's note. No comments are being allowed on this post because I know many disagree with the Mother but we aren't going to bash her for her choice. Thank you