Monday, November 20, 2017

Justice League Movie Review Spoiler Free

Like many people who are comic book fans, I go see just about every comic book movie that comes out. DC Comics have not been as good as Marvel movies in my opinion, and this post will give some background on that.

Growing up DC's Batman with Michael Keaton was the ultimate comic book movie and Marvel wasn't even in the movie business . As the Batman movies continues they got continuously worse until most people just laughed at them when George Clooney took over the role and we got the bat nipples on his outfit. After a few years off we were given the reboot batman begins starring Christian Bale. This movie and it's sequels took Batman to the best level yet in my opinion. Then for some reason they decided to part ways with Bale

During this period they made a new Superman movie starring Brandon Routh called Superman Returns. After one movie they replaced him and rebooted Superman to star Henry Cavill in Man Of Steel. Depending on who you ask Man Of Steel ranged from decent to average. I personally didn't hate it, but it wasn't in the Bale league of DC movies. Marvel at this same period began the textbook example of how Comic Book movies should be made. They built an empire one movie at a time. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk . DC started the blunder bus with Green Lantern which was followed by Batman V Superman. The aforementioned movie was not very good. I personally hated Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther, as he played him as a hyperactive kid needing Ritalin.

Suicide Squad was next, and o boy. Jared Leto sucked as Joker, and Cara Delevingne as the Villain was horrible beyond words. I'm sorry she cannot act. The brightest spot DC was to have would be the next movie Wonder Woman. This is by far the star of the DC movie world. With such an amazing movie I had hope that the next movie Justice League would continue DC in the right direction.

Justice League was an ok movie. There I said it. Honestly DC has tried way too hard to keep up with Marvel which they never will do. The characters were not given ample back stories to make you care for them either way. I hated the new flash since I watch the TV show of the same name. DC should have kept Grant Gustin in the role. The Villain in Justice League is so forgettable it's not even funny. 

I would say go see it and judge for yourself, as it wasn't horrible but it was very kinda Vanilla. This is no Avengers and honestly DC will never have that level of movie.

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I just watched Logan and thought it was good