Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Daily Rant On Nationwide Stories

I try to stay away from posting much in regards to things happening across our Country. Lately however I have felt compelled to share my thoughts on this liberal nonsense in the media.

My particular thoughts are again on those who are paid to entertain us, who believe we really care what they think on the course our Country is headed .

When I go to see a movie or watch a tv show I don't ever think to myself "I wonder what the star thinks of global warming"

I honestly don't give a crap what they think. What if I find out my opinion is different than theirs? Am I than gonna change my views?

The importance celebrities and late night talk shows place upon themselves is ridiculous. They honestly think people tune in so we can be told what to feel.

Entertainers are supposed to make us forget about our daily lives, not tell us how to live them.


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EXCELLENT ARTICLE....I agree 100%!!! They think so much of themselves that it's ridiculous....all they do is spout off about stuff they have just their little snowflake ideas on......don't watch any of them.....I turn to "MeTV" and watch the old TV much more entertaining!!!!!!!

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I will speak only of the garbage football players because I haven't paid any attention to most celebrities for years.
Kaepernik and the rest are only lying when they say police are targeting black men. It should be Black Lies Matter because that is all it is-lies.
Police brutality is a non issue in black communities and that is proven by statistics. Keep in mind that whatever came out from Obama's DOJ is just like him lies. Obama is a pathological liar and anyone who denies isn't worth a shit themselves.
When you watch the body cam videos of the officers running toward the Las Vegas shooter because they wanted to help people get cover it is-I haven't the words to describe. They are heroes. Not thug football players who speak like ghetto shit sounding like something straight out of the jungle with the grunts they do when they talk. The officers risked their lives to save fellow Americans something none of those pieces of shit football players can say.
I am sick and tired of it. I am sick and tired of the Black Lies. There are real issues in the black communities like sub standard dangerous schools but how come the NFL isn't protesting this! It seems as though becoming a thug is more important in black communities then education. It seems so only because of their own actions. They demonized President Trump's Sec Of Ed Devos. She is in favor of school choice. What is it with blacks that they don't even love their own children and want them to attend a school that is a true institute of learning and safe. Why is it they get all riled up over a basically nonexistent problem but totally ignore the real true problems.
I've not ever used these 2 words in my life f-ing n-word but I am saying it to myself now and it is their fault and I could care less because if the shoe fits then they have to wear it.

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More public whining at the CVounty Council last night about the Winder sign at the Wicomico County courthouse. Did you miss it, ddn't see you on the Pac-14 broadcast.

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Jesus you people are mad it isn't the 1950's.

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JT if you were watching the County Council meeting on PAC 14 last night this is the Nut Job that spoke during public comments and demanded that the County Council remove the General Winder plaque from the Court House lawn. Can you believe she is the Chair of the Psychology Department at Salisbury University. You don't want to send your child to that college if people like her are the Chair of the Department.

Michele Schlehofer; Applied social psychology, psychology of women’s and reproductive health, health behavior maintenance, perceptions of susceptibility and control, action research.
B.A., Eastern Connecticut State University; M.A. and Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University.

Here is a link to her Bio and picture.

Here is a link to her CV:'s%20vitae-Spring%2010%20condensed.pdf

There is absolutely no documentation or evidence proving her credibility in what she was saying during public comments. She made it sound like she was an expert in the field of "racism" and even claimed to be a scientist is social psychology. She stood at that podium and told nothing but lies and tried to intimidate the County Council.

Does anyone know who you can report her to because she was clearly representing Salisbury University and she shouldn't have been. I think she was out of line speaking on behalf of the University.

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At the council's meeting last night, one of the speakers mentioned you by name. Check it out on pac14.
And Mark Kilmer made a great reply to them.

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4:36 what did they say about JT?