Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Comment Worthy A Post On Ocean City Madness

"My Hubby and I were at the Clarion on both Friday evening and Saturday Evening for his 50th Class Reunion. Traffic was worse than any weekend during the summer. Cars speeding, doing burn outs, revving their engines to make loud noise, loud car radios you could hear from 1 red light to another(car a red light ahead of you), TRASH everywhere and not just the stray bottle or burger wrapper. The 1 parking lot up from Embers had so much trash it looked like someone dumped 10 trashcans full of trash. The kids/young adults kept stepping into the street, yelling,cussing and giving the cars the finger. Yes, every other street had a Police Officer or Deputy with a pulled over car.
I have never witnessed so my disrespect in Ocean City in my life. I am 51 yrs old and have been visiting the Ocean since a month after I was born.
I hope OC can somehow stop this from ever happening again. After what we witnessed this weekend, I pray that Ocean City does not hassle the Classic Car guys or Motorcycles ever again. I know there were people of all ages for H2O. I saw ages 16-60 driving those loud obnoxious cars. Sad that animals have more respect than these people did"

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Anonymous said...

I can assure you the motorcycles are not the problem!

It's these young punk Antifa millennials that don't want to work and live in mommies basement.

The same Douche Bags that want and demand all Confederate symbols be torn down.