Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Patricia Dudek Missing Person Case

Patricia M. Dudek was reported missing by her daugher. During the initial investigation it was learned that Dudek was last seen on the morning of 01/07/02 at her residence, arguing with a male acquaintance. Upon returning home several hours later the victim's daughter was unable to locate her mother and contacted the Salisbury Police Department.

Patricia was living on Hemlock street at the time she disappeared. Her Daughter wrote regarding the morning her Mom went missing

" I went to school that morning my mom and her boyfriend were arguing.  I got home from school and she was gone her boyfriend didn't know where she was and had me call some of her friends and none knew anything. the police have no leads and her case is considered a cold case now and with out any new leads I  fear she will never be found."

I have tried to reach out to her boyfriend at the time Dwight McKenji shown below, but have gotten no response. If anyone has any information regarding this case please contact the salisbury police department at 410-548-3165

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Anonymous said...

I knew my comment was not going to be published when I typed it. That's what's wrong with Salisbury.It all depends on who is getting the criticism. My words are true words