Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Obama And Trump Divisively Tweeting

The social entropy agenda is thoroughly aflame. Chaos has a growing platform: Twitter, the social media machine. Soon, the tweets from the current and former leaders will be readily divisive in nature.

Oh wait, that’s already happening.

I don’t tweet; I never have. In fact, I have systematically pared down my social media presence to simply Google+, and probably won’t keep that for much longer either.

I’m not saying you should do what I do. But I recognized a while back that my facebooking ways were well behind me, after realizing they were below me. I had grown tired of being part of that social experimentation.

These days though, it’s all about what gets said on Twitter. And today, according to Harriet Sinclair’s Newsweek article: Barack Obama Offers to Help Puerto Rico, Making Case He Should Still Be President, Obama threw some fuel on the entropy blaze by politicizing the hurricane-battered US territory’s struggles to get aid. Obama suggests that We can help by making donations.

Really Barry? That’s cute.

Trump has been pretty busy with his own tweeting soapbox, in case you hadn’t heard, or noticed, in openly taunting and threatening both North Korea, and NFL players.

Has Twitter become the new normalcy for “leaders”? Don’t they have enough of a platform from that which is the Oval Office, with the mainstream media machine to mouthpiece for them?

Well, I suppose only one side of the aisle gets to actually use the deep-state-run media.

Are we really supposed to take this guy, this real estate mogul and his hairhat, seriously?

And Obama should just crawl back into his mancave with his “wife”, Michael, or whatever its name is, to plan their next attack on Our intelligence.


Anonymous said...

OBASTARD AND SOROS started this shit 8 yrs ago with pinning Americans on each other with BULLSHIT cases that blacks KILLED cops or attempted too the only one killing blacks are blacks and blaming cops for killing thugs that DESERVED IT George Soros and sons need to be hung for TREASON Google what that scumbag did to Jewish people in WWII he was also thrown out of countries for almost collapsing there economy then the scumbag is allowed in to America ? Why haven't the mosad takin this POS OUT FOR helping the NAZIS ???? THE DEMOCrats are the new COMMUNISTS bought and paid for by George Soros and used by BLACKS if a race civil war does happen don't forget liberals don't have guns all they have is loud Treasonous mouths with thugs standing next to them.

Anonymous said...

"I have systematically pared down my social media presence"

Has private news blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You missed an great event last night. Community grill, mayor knocking on doors

Anonymous said...

Obama sold out his country.