Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ella Disharoon Simply The Best

I could only think of the Tina Turner song "Simply The Best" when I was preparing to write this post today after Ella announced she would not run for States Attorney in the next election.

Ella has made it clear that she is not a politician and only wants to protect the citizens of Wicomico from the monsters that threaten our very safety. I cannot express in words how much I respect this lady. I was supporting Sam Vincent to defeat and clean (aka bring a priest in with holy water) the mess and disgrace Davis Ruark brought on this County with his terrible job in that Office. I had a Sam Vincent for States Attorney ad on my sidebar only to be left in shock with the rest of the area when Sam was tragically killed in a car accident on 60 foot road and route 50.

Sam Vincent was an amazing man and Prosecutor and he had chosen Ella as his protege in that Office . Matt Maciarello who is also an amazing person stepped up and filled that void and cleaned the Office the way it needed to be done, and rightfully so chose Ella as his Deputy. When Matt was chosen as Judge for Wicomico County, most including myself automatically assumed Ella would be the heir apparent for the job .The thing is however, we never took into consideration what Ella wanted. 

Ella is amazing as a prosecutor and as someone who has witnessed her skill and caring for victims in the courtroom, Wicomico has been blessed to have her. Politics however is a different animal than a courtroom and sadly people feel the need to trash each other to win. That simply is not Ella. Ella has only wanted one thing and that is to put criminals behind bars and keep our community safe. Ella has also recently lost a loved one, and as someone who absolutely knows what that is like, it puts the important things in perspective.

There are very few people in this world that I respect as much as Ella Disharoon, and when she walks out of that office when the next States Attorney is elected, the County should all stand and give her a round of applause as she is simply the best.


Anonymous said...

Hope she remains there -- do you have info to the contrary about her plans to leave after the election"?

Anonymous said...

Only bright spot there......I also hope she stays!!!!!