Friday, September 29, 2017

Baseball and Football Seasons Mesh for Final Time?

The average sports enthusiast loves September and October for the intermingling of seasons; baseball reaches its postseason, and football season takes shape. And there, in that nutshell, is the lion’s share of American culture. Summer turns to fall everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, but only in America does baseball season mesh with football season to the delight of adoring hobbyists, distracted from everything else that might matter.

Before We know it, Thanksgiving is upon us, for all the gratitude, genuine and feigned, to be paid as We watch football. And you can’t possibly have Thanksgiving without the saddest day in all of capitalistic society, Black Friday, with hoards of the masses flocking to buy the yearly dole of unnecessary gadgetries and gizmos at ceremoniously lower prices than during the rest of the year. That is also part of American culture. That part doesn’t make me want to stand for the anthem.

But before basting birds, we must traverse the coming weeks' events, the proper spectacle of American cultural extravaganza, and lots of national anthems.

Will the baseball postseason entail baselines full of kneeling ballplayers? I sincerely doubt it, but maybe.

And during much of that same period, will there be footballers taking a knee or simply staying sequestered in locker rooms as a supposedly unified front of disrespect to the anthem?

Can America do without football?

Some Americans already detest the notion of what football and baseball have become, with grossly overpaid performers, playing with balls. This segment of America is missing out on some degree of marketable Americana. But that Americana is more than they, that certain group, with their collective back already turned to the action, can even tolerate. They also experience sickened stomachs to think of the football league’s operation as a nonprofit, with 32 teams suckling at the teat under the protection of that seemingly impervious umbrella.

The league’s security force rivals that of the secret service. And it’s not as though all that security is to protect the armored car money drops and pickups for the nonprofit organization. That security is in place not to protect the crowd of spectators either. This highly paid division of mercenaries is in place to protect the nonprofit’s interests.

It sure would be a crying shame if American culture were to let the air out of the football by turning the entirety of America’s broad back to the newest other greatest pastime.

Where would all those security personnel find work?


Anonymous said...

Hey Check this out. Joe A$$burrow posted a Fake News youtube video on his page about Susan Rice's housekeeper found dead after an interview with the FBI. It was a video with a computerized automated voice that read the fake news. I had it opened in a tab and now is shows that A$$burrow deleted it from his fake news blog after someone told him the truth. Here is the link so you can look it up yourself to see where it's no longer available.

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It was this lame ass video that Homo Joe A$$burrow posted then took down.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the post below about Culver's budget f-ups. Here's the link -

Anonymous said...


Much of the junk on Assboro's blog is fake news that he's to stupid to perceive. And now it seems to have little or nothing about Culver. Maybe his campaign manager, aka Thornton Crowe, has realized that using Albero as a trumpet is counterproductive. On the other hand, everything Culver has been doing is blowing up in his face these days, like his Station 13 scam that backfired thanks to the County Council telling him "No".

Here's a link tom the latest Culver screwup:

Anonymous said...

I did not even get a "Thank You" from him when I alerted him to the fact the article was fake

Anonymous said...

11:05 should have said "too stupid to perceive" and that's true.

And who is the person using the fictitious name "Thornton Crowe" on his blog?

Anonymous said...

American's will go back to local sports if necessary.