Monday, August 7, 2017

Wicomico County 2018 Filings

Republican Club President Shawn Bradley (R) officially filed for Clerk of the Court today.  He joins Democrat James "Bo" McAllister (D) who is currently an Assistant State's Attorney for Wicomico County.  Salisbury City Councilman Jim Ireton (D) will be announcing his candidacy for the same office on Thursday in Downtown Salisbury.

Acting Wicomico County State's Attorney Ella Disharoon (R) has been actively campaigning for the election of the current office she holds, she has not yet filed.  Ella was appointed to her position after Matt Maciarello was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan as a Judge to the Wicomico County Circuit Court.  Former Wicomico County Assistant State's Attorney Jamie Dykes(R) has been campaigning for the State's Attorney job but has yet to file.  This will make for an interesting Republican Primary.

Judge Maciarello and Judge Kathleen Beckstead have both filed to retain their judgeships on the Wicomico County Circuit Court.  They are running as a slate and are not running against each other.

Sue Bromm and Jared Schablein have filed to run for the Democratic Central Committee.  Shawn Bradley and Nate Sansom have both filed for the Republican Central Committee.


Anonymous said...

Elect anybody but Liarton!!!! PLEASE

Anonymous said...

From the Delmar Donkey Breath's blog. He is allowing stupid comments JT. Time to go after him.

Anonymous said...
It is 2:28, and you have reported this already AND have pictures. WBOC still has NOTHING on their website (except a thunderstorm watch as a crawl on the top). Delmarvanow has a headline, but no pictures.

you are way ahead of these guys.

Oh, and I bet JT is somewhere eating a Smith Island cake.
August 7, 2017 at 2:30 PM