Monday, August 28, 2017

Transgender Military Ban:--The Proper Choice

Transgender Americans have been banned from working for the military as enlisted entrants; oh woe the humanity.

Why is this even a topic or talking point? Had Michelle Obama been planning on enlisting?

Making one’s way through childhood and adolescence trying to discern a gender identity must be powerfully tumultuous. An identity is not a conditional hobby, like crossdressing.

One’s gender identity, however ambiguous, defines a tremendous aspect of an existential being. Certainly, nobody is challenging the right to have an identity. Well, there may be somebody, so I’ll retract the certitude of that last statement.

But moving forward, it really is probably best for all concerned parties, the military, the transgender population, as well as the balance of American public citizenry, that a firm restrictive policy is in place to prohibit transsexuals from serving in the military. It’s best for all Americans, even the whores, the presstitutes working in mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

I say sign up ALL FRUITCAKE TRANNYS to fight against NORTH KOREA ? Start with Jane Ireton ???

Anonymous said...

Will all the gays please sign up and fight for American freedom or will they bend over like the liberal friends to alloq Islam to take over then gays will be Thrown off of there gay buildings along with there Infidel friends ?

Anonymous said...

We're is my post communist ?

Anonymous said...

It's funny to think of a tranny in the service, especially as infantry. Military isn't funny though.

Anonymous said...

For Xmas they like duct tape.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is brave enough to step up and sign up to fight for our freedoms with the very real possibility of death or dismemberment, I'm all for it. This has been going on since the dawn of the Republic, it's 15,000 service people, why kick out those who want to serve.

Anonymous said...

"fight for our freedoms"??


Is that what they do?

That's adorable that you think so 349.

Imperialistic government imperializing the globe is "fighting for our freedoms".


Anonymous said...

It's adorable that you think you matter, clod.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Good retort 438.

Did you think that up all by yourself?

Anonymous said...

Gay thugs lives don't matter.