Monday, August 14, 2017

The Sun's Geo-affective Nature

Do you recall back to being taught about the Sun, and sunspots? I would speculate that you were sold the sad idea that sunspots were “dead areas” on our star. Well I’m happy to report that the Sun’s “little” spots aren’t indicative of death at all. Sunspots are the polar opposite of what we think of when considering dead things. Death implies a certain lack of activity. And sunspots are dynamically active regions of electromagnetic interactive potential. But before you believe this discussion is only to report that sunspots are more than we were led to understand, let’s move on.

Al Gore is the unofficial spokesman and champion of climate change hysteria. Please note that the term “global warming” is no longer appropriate. But Al Gore is also a whore, toiling to promote the economic modeling opportunity of selling you guilt by blaming mankind for cyclical climate changes. And there is quite a chasm dividing society on the subject of the global climate sciences. Some folks have gone so far as to suggest that the “science is settled”. It’s not. But let’s move on.

Did you know about the predictability of earthquakes? Were you aware of the direct causal relationship between earthquakes and the Sun? It’s a relatively new theory that’s gaining demonstrated momentum with each Earth-facing coronal hole. Scientific theories are difficult to prove; they’re typically only supported. However, theories can gain the necessary traction of support to eventually get proven into the realm of being laws. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not claiming to be able to accurately predict earthquakes, not yet. Nor am I claiming to be of expert status on climatology or solar functions; my comprehension of the former might be greater than the latter, but neither is advanced enough to be an authority. My Science background informs my critical thinking capacity beyond what I may be told to believe. I’m still learning. Are you?

Sunspots and coronal hole streams represent only the tip of the old iceberg when discussing the Sun’s geo-affective nature. Our planet is known to be magnetically tied to the star. So there must be tremendous effect resulting from the cosmic marriage.

And speaking of icebergs, the 91 newly discovered volcanoes situated around the western coast of Antarctica could easily make water from the immense ice inherent to the mysterious continent. You may now be intuitively wondering whether or not the Sun may affect volcanism; it does. So I’m sorry, but I can’t feel responsible guilt for earthquakes nor volcanoes. The Sun did it. And I pronounce the Sun guilty as charged.


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danny, was the moon landing a fake?

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Short on reading comprehension?

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I read the first couple words and knew it was this moron danny... I couldn't get past the first sentence, this stuff is miserable dribble.