Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seton Center volunteers donate to Lower Shore Shelter

Seton Center volunteers donate to Lower Shore Shelter

On behalf of 30 volunteers from Seton Center, Catholic Charities in Princess Anne, Julie Williams (left), program secretary, and volunteer Winfield Leatherbury (second from left) present a donation to members of the Somerset Committee for the Homeless, Inc. to support the Lower Shore Shelter. Accepting the donation are Jim Porter, chairman, and Dick Scott, vice chairman, along with committee members Brandi Horner, Tashia Rubart, Charlotte Jones, Genniece Cropper, Rudy Drummond, Charlotte Scharf, Rudy Drummond, Sr. and Kathy Maloney.

Each summer Seton Center holds a volunteer appreciation event at which the organization presents its volunteers with a small memento as a thank you for their service. This year’s volunteer appreciation event was an ice cream social. While the organization was preparing for the event, several volunteers suggested donating the money that it would spend on mementos - $3 per person – to another deserving charity. At the ice cream social, small presentations were made about several local charities and volunteers dropped their ticket into the jar that was set up for whichever organization they wanted to support. Thirty volunteers selected Lower Shore Shelter, donating $120.

“I find it amazing and heartwarming that these people, who give so freely of their time and energy, were so generous to turn down anything for themselves in favor of helping others,” said Williams, who also serves on the committee.

Scheduled to open later this summer, the Lower Shore Shelter is located on Somerset Avenue in Princess Anne and will serve Somerset and the surrounding counties. The shelter is a 16-bed facility that will accommodate individuals and families in need of a safe place to stay.

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