Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Let's watch TV

Yes please. Or rather, no thank you. I prefer that the TV be in its benign mode setting, OFF.

Television programming might be considered to be rich Americana, but I’ll take Mozart.

When was the last time your routine did NOT include several hours of television entertainment? I notice the contemporary human animal seems to feel the need to feed on virtually constant entertainment, seemingly starved for a state of stimulation, and subsequent distraction. Many people, when surveyed, would acknowledge proudly in all probability, that while they do keep their television on for hours on end, they “really only have it on for background noise.”

Make mine Mozart.

Be advised that until the effort is made to literally abstain from television bombardment, the benefits of being brave, by muting the chunky bolus, and finding something else for the mind’s need to feed cannot be realized; until that time it’s difficult to even comprehend the myriad of actual benefits to not watching TV.

Surely there’s more to American culture than sports, and television, and televised sports? I know there is. Ironically, sometimes cultural morsels are interspersed with the wad of bolus, displayed for all to see on the TV. But Joe American is probably tuned to something else, more stimulating, with less relative cultural material.

Consider this: the human species has not evolved to be sequestered from himself by parking in front of the TV, vicariously viewing volumes of vapid entertainment. You’re just going to have to trust me on that. We have not come this far to be the entertain-me-please species, at the top of the food chain.

Silence is bliss, but sure thing sir, go ahead and turn on that TV, instantly sucking the awkward out of the air, and distracting everyone in vicinity just enough that nobody even notices.

Television really is very similar to cigarettes. Both are subtly addictive. And it’s easy to justify using either avenue of stimulation. It’s difficult to discern the toxic effects while watching TV and smoking cigarettes. Just kidding. We’ve known for a long time that smoking is bad for us, as an organism; but the tandem, tied together toxicity ratio of TV and cancer sticks is quite obvious, but not until it’s perceived. It only becomes obvious once obliviousness concedes to acknowledgment.

Cigarettes were once part of Americana…just kidding, of course they still are. Joe American also has an attention span barely capable of reading a text message, so if you’re still reading this, you’re ahead of that guy. And hope remains.


Anonymous said...

JT is this a joke? This stuff is unreadable.

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't "evolve", but I do enjoy watching a little TV...sad thing is I enjoy MeTV...oldies. My Three Sons, Leave it to Beaver, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Perry Mason, Alf, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy....every now and then Fox News....not as much since Bill left. Can't do much with reality programs!

Anonymous said...

Read "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" by Jerry Manders. You can get a good synopsis of the book and his thoughts on how television as a medium is actually detrimental to normal thought. The book is dated (circa 1978) but it's premise holds up well. It deserves to be read. And let's face it folks the '70s had some pretty lame television.
Interestingly enough I read last week that the average attention span in today's digital age of instant gratification is less than two minutes. Television dumbs down people. If you have a biased viewpoint or are predisposed against anyone, television is not there to help you change your mind. It's role is to sell the ads of it's sponsors so they can finance their control of your mind.

Jim said...

Have to agree with 5:58. Do not know whom this new contributor is but he/she is really bad. Mozart?? Really? Give me classic rock!! TV is and always will be an icon in America, especially where sports are concerned. And when nothing good on TV, especially during summer reruns a good book is what I prefer. Mozart?? Maybe at a fine dining establishment in France or something, but in this area it is Rock or Country. This contributor is really demeaning to your core audience and need to get rid of him/her.

Sharon W. said...

No, this is no joke. TV is a mindless activity. Turn it off. Read a book. Studies show that children that are read to, and read, learn much more, and much quicker than other kids. Turn on some music. Classical music has been proven to stimulate brain activity more than other types of music.
So, turn off the tv and read. Want background noise while doing other things? Turn on the music.

Most of my childhood was free from tv. Our parents did away with it. Out of 6 kids, five have college degrees. The 6th raised 4 kids to be readers, 2 of whom now have children of their own. Her 2 year old granddaughter has a very extensive vocabulary, knows all of the letters, numbers beyond 50, many shapes and all of her colors. The things the schools want 5 year-olds to know to start kindergarten. She is read to multiple times every day.
They are doing parenthood right.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Mozart frequently. No rock, classic or otherwise.
I also listen to alittle opera, and recordings of Broadway musicals of the 50's through the first part of this century.

As for that jungle music known as hip-hop, well I'd just a soon listen to elephants farting.

Anonymous said...

as a start- cancel cable. Cancel it. Do you need to watch yet another episode of pawn stars or does you wife need to watch another episode of House Hunters? There is plenty of free tv over the air. start with that. At least the ME TV isn't as toxic. If you going to waste an hour of you life, at least let it by Andy Griffith. Start there, then work to eliminate TV from your daily routine. And as for news- STOP IT. ALL of it. NO Fox. NO CNN. It's all a pack of lies anyway and it just makes you informed about stuff you have no control over, anyway.

Anonymous said...

What gibberish this writer spews.