Monday, August 28, 2017

Divided We Shall Fall--The Gender War

The manner by which the lamestream media outlets have been jacking us around with divisiveness is amazing to observe. It’s almost surprising that males and females haven’t yet been targeted and pitted as adversarial; or have they?

As a heterosexual male of mixed race, I feel comfortable in diversely mixed company; I’ve been around the block a time or a few. And in that continuing journey, I’ve known all kinds of people, including men, women, homosexuals, transsexuals, blacks, even whites, et al.

Never before has it been more strikingly important than now to ignore the conglomerate broadcasts and publications. WE need to send a message. What might come as consequence if WE just stopped paying attention to them? Small blogs like this, and others, can aptly fill the void.

WE need to come together. Babylon is jerking OUR strings. The division of the public ought not be suggestively portrayed, riling up bigots and racists of all creeds, as racists and bigots already have hate filling their hearts. And the separation along the partisan party of political self-identity should also not be an American virtue. If it weren’t for politics, Steven Colbert would be reduced to being creative; he doesn’t have Jon Stewart to shepherd him along any longer.

It has become glaringly apparent that there’s a polarizing agenda being deployed against the American people. The American state has a corporate media machine running the propaganda playbook. The USA, LLC has a PR firm; the mainstreamers slither along, attempting as they’re directed, to try and build a figurative fence between false factions. And there is actually audacious grandstanding on soapboxes about a physical wall being proposed between us and Mexico? But with many American jobs being exported, the labor drain seeps south. Yes, let’s renegotiate NAFTA; it’s working out great for the American middle class. Am I the only one noticing the corporate calamity?

Before long, the media monster will be suggesting societal matchups like man versus woman, husband against wife; and boys will stop chasing girls. OK, boys won’t stop chasing girls.

The divisive agenda is obvious. All one must do is look. It’s as plain to see as the rather large nose on my face.

Let’s stop looking. If WE don’t acknowledge IT, it will cease to exist. IT is a monster. Monsters do exist, right up until the moment you stop looking at them.

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