Monday, July 24, 2017

Talk of removing Confederate monuments starts a war of words in Dallas

Less than five miles from Dallas City Hall -- in a South Dallas community that's home to mostly black and Latino residents -- rests a three-quarter-acre tract of land where at least 55 Confederate soldiers are buried.

Not many people know it's there.
Located at the corner of Electra and Reed streets, right off Malcolm X. Boulevard, the cemetery's been there for more than a century.

This also happens to be one spot Dallas officials are looking at as a potential location for the Robert E. Lee statue now in Oak Lawn's Lee Park and the Confederate War Memorial in Pioneer Park Cemetery downtown.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so i`m just wondering when the snowflakes are going to start trying to remove any and all reminders of the revolutionary war? after all the brits were oppressing all americans and oppressing all our freedoms, and we did win that war too.
we won the most important war in the history of this country, we won the war that created this country so why do we still have soooo many streets, towns, counties and states named for british royalty?

if the snowflakes want to protest and start removing reminders of the contentious history of this country why not start with the reminders of the war we fought to become a country?

if the snowflakes ever get that far in their social justice war i can guarantee that the states will put an end to that nonsense because it will cost the states mega millions to get rid of all the reminders of the revolutionary war.

how many states,counties,towns and streets are named for british royalty? i`m just gonna guess and say that a shitload of states,counties,towns and streets on the east coast are named for british royalty.

if the state and town governments give in to this nonsense of renaming and removing every reminder of the civil war they WILL be faced with the prospect of renaming every state, county,town and street that is a reminder of british rule 250 years ago,of course every state and town government will balk at that idea because it will cost them millions to do it.

to the ass kissing politicians it`s all fun and games until the people demand that they spend millions of dollars to do something that has no meaning or impact on the day to day lives of the people.

if the politicians are willing to to erase all reminders of the civil war but unwilling to spend millions to remove reminders of the revolutionary war it proves that they are just kissing ass for votes, as long as it doesn`t cost them too much money.

The confederate states never tried to overthrow the government of the U.S. or deny U.S. citizens their rights, but the british tried to do exactly that in 1776, so why is maryland still named maryland, why are most of the counties in maryland still named for british royalty?

it`s all just a game to get votes for the politicians until it starts costing a lot of money then they will howl and try to put an end to the political correctness,but it will be too late because they have already set a precedence so being the typical politicians that they are they will leave office, collect a huge pension and let the next guy deal with the mess they created by trying to erase history.