Friday, July 14, 2017

Stay Tuned This Afternoon For My Thoughts On Interview

I have much to say about the monument, the hate organization surj and Jake Days statements


Anonymous said...

Lay it on the line JT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's Yakahomo's hero that he wants Social Justice for and to honor with a monument.

During the afternoon of December 4, Matthew Williams went to the office of his employer, Daniel J. (D.J.) Elliot, local lumberyard and box factory owner, apparently to discuss his low hourly wage. Williams had been a laborer for Elliot since childhood, and to all who knew him, was liked by and extremely loyal to the Elliot family. D.J. Elliot was in his office located on Lake Street talking on the phone with another Salisbury businessman, Thomas Chatham, when Williams entered around 2:00p.m.. According to Chatham, who heard the incident over the phone, he remembered no words were spoken and that two gunshots were fired. Chatham immediately called the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Let's put up a statue of yakawakole so we can shit and piss on it lol.

Anonymous said...

These were Jake Day's comments in the Daily Times the night of the James Yakahomo vigil honoring a black criminal who murdered his WHITE boss!!

After the presentation, members of the mostly white crowd shared their stories, grievances and feelings about race relations in the area. Salisbury mayor Jake Day said he didn't come to the vigil due to his position, but out of his humanity.

"I'm here to acknowledge what happened and how we as humans treated one another in the past," Day said. "There's some people who think that somethings are best left covered, but I don't understand why they think silence is appropriate. I don't fear vigilantism is coming back today, but I do see that injustice is still a reality.""

What can be more worse than a white man hating his own race? A white man that accidentally became mayor because no one wanted the position so they allowed this clown to have the position. Jake Day wouldn't have been elected if others were interested in running for that position, but it's low paid job. Jake Day didn't care about it being a low paid job because daddy got him a gravy job at Perdue Farms.

With that said Jake Day obviously hates white people and even more disgusting is the fact that he hates our ancestors. The ancestors that built this city, county, state and country. He thinks your family and your grandfathers and great grandfathers are the lowest scum that walked this county.

So if Jake Day despises your grandparents he obviously despises you.

Don't be stupid. Don't be stupid and vote for Jake Day again!!

Jim Jones said...

Leave the monument alone. This fascist attack on history to "cleanse" the past is nothing short of Socialist censorship. Those behind this movement to remove Winder's statute have an alterior motive. What's next? Dig up all Confederate graves and throw the remains in a landfill? Many of these Marxist militants of perverted political "correctness" will do just that.

Words of "racial justice", "equal opportunity", "voter rights", "human rights", are just codewords for capitulating cowards who know damn well that every Citizen has a right to exist, and prosper from their labors. By having such right, one can worship as they see fit, live their lives as they see fit, or even recognize an ancestor who fought for the Confederacy. They are Americans. Whether you agree with secession or not, the South's right to exist or not, no one has the absolute right to abolish history.

Good, bad, or indifferent, history is history. Over 700, 000 Americans died in that war for their right to exist. Just because some choose to get their fouled panties in a wad and throw terrible temper tantrums, doesn't mean they are right. Maybe they need a real history lesson that isn't warped with half truths or all out lies.

I'm not bowing down to the militants of America's hating left. I am extremely proud of my ancestors who fought and died for while serving in the Confederate States Armed Forces. I choose freely to honor them. And to those who are appalled by it can like it or lump it...

This large lie that the war was over "slavery" has been spewed for over 150 years. But who profited from slavery? Northern states that shipped slaves to America under the Stars and Stripes. Selling slaves in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other northern cities. Picking Southern cotton for Northern textile mills to make goods for European nations. Get your facts straight about slavery, when Abraham Lincoln owned slaves himself, as well as his cabinet, and his generals. Calling them "house sevants" was the 19th century political correctness term to hide their stained hands.

FACT: In 1861, the Confederate congress banned the new importation of new slaves, while the Northern states imported more. FACT: Abraham Lincoln thought slaves were sub human and not worthy of life. He was going to cleanse America of not equals by sending the freed slaves to Liberia. FACT: From Lincoln, to Sherman, to Grant, to Seward, each and everyone of them despised those they deemed "less equal". Written in their own words, the Union was not about quelling a "rebellion", it was about the destruction of those who they thought was a threat to a mighty omnipotent centralized Federal government.

I apologize for nothing, and will continue to support my ancestors. They fought with bravery, honor, and valor.

Many in the Confederacy had more integrity than our alleged "elected leaders" we are stuck with today.

Deo Vindice. Sic Semper Tyrannus.

Robert M. Shrivers said...

According to contemporary accounts, Matthew Williams, the man who was lynched, walked into his employer's office and shot the man dead with a shotgun blast to his head. Williams then turned the gun on himself and tried to commit suicide, but only wounded himself and escaped. He was apprehended and brought to a hospital. Later, a lynch mob dragged him out and hanged him. This is a case of vigilante justice; not a "horrible lynching". Williams got justice, just not according to the prescribed legal procedure. To invoke the hanging of a cold blooded murderer as a reason to take down a statue commemorating a Confederate General is insane, but then most of the people who make these kinds of demands are indeed not right in the head.

Anonymous said...

Now that Jeremy Cox from the Daily Rag is trying to print negative information on General John Henry Winder with this hit piece attack on him. It's obvious that Susan Hargreaves Parker has an agenda and they are trying their best to get that Plaque taken down. Typical narrative of the Looney Left. Do we really want Susan Parker and James Yakahomo to make the decisions for us?? How many news paper articles have they posted over this now?? All over a Plaque honoring a hero that doesn't fit their Narrative of eradicating all Southern History and Heritage. Funny it was shared by James Yakahomo and his FB page SURJ and he thanks Jeremy Cox.


The Delmarva Daily Times
July 15 at 7:30am ·
Who was Confederate Gen. John Henry Winder? Amid controversy over his historical marker, here's a closer look at his story

Marker controversy shows Gen. Winder's life still defined by darkest chapter
The Confederate general and native of present-day Wicomico oversaw the South's wretched prisons during the last days of the Civil War.



SURJ Delmarva shared The Delmarva Daily Times's post.
July 15 at 4:38pm ·

A very well researched article, much thanks to the The Delmarva Daily Times and Jeremy Cox.


The funny thing is Jake Day, Susan Parker and James Yakahomo are all friends on Facebook and they are working in cahoots to force the county into moving this plaque. Someone needs to give Jake Day a major wake up call and let him know quickly that he doesn't make the decisions for Wicomico County...

Anonymous said...

He is a JAP.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for us to put together a group of citizens to protest Dr. Lisa Yamakawa's employer with signs showing how she as a Doctor supports her husband who is a racist, anti-Christian and a terrorist. She also supports her husband who is a terrorist supporter of Black Lives Matter. She is a physician who has taken an oath and if she supports her husbands activities then she is a terrorist as well. She is still married to her racist, terrorist husband so by default she supports Black Lives Matters.

As a white person with white children I can no longer take my child to the Childrens Medical Group because I fear for my childrens lives. If someone wants to protest the Childrens Medical Group please let us know and I and my entire family will be there.

Dr. Lisa Yamakawa
Children's Med Group
217 Phillip Morris Dr
Salisbury, MD 21804
(410) 546-3173

Anonymous said...

I'm black and I'm not going to take my kids to this crazy guys wife, He doesn't speak for me and I don't like they reckless way he throws around the word racism.