Monday, July 24, 2017

July 29th Wheels On The Waterfront Event


Anonymous said...

Culver wishes he could do what Rick has done moving into Crisfield.....don't be upset Bob, keep hanging with your "little" buddy, you will be popular in more ways than one....of course don't reprimand his wife or cross his opinion or you will be in court....remember the Zoo mess!!!!

Anonymous said...

JT did you here that the County is buying an empty house the board of elections??? He says he's saving the county a "bunch" of money???? Why the hell doesn't he house them in a building the county already owns....that's empty????? They point fingers at everything the City does but then he makes known this stupid idea....He must of gotten shook up when his after dark buddies broke the door at Roadie Joe's while they were meeting after hours!!!! Ha Ha Ha