Thursday, July 27, 2017

Have you noticed the homeless?

Humanity is in agony. Have you noticed? Homelessness is rampant. Have you noticed? Do you care?

If you’re still reading, then at least you’ve engaged the uncomfortable topic, as a hopeful member and element of humanity. And you’ve noticed. The human condition requires that basic necessities of life be met prior to any further meandering up the pyramid of self actualization. Sleeping in a tent, or an “emergency” shelter, or worse, is not conducive to one’s personal growth. These shady sleeping scenarios suppress self-actualization momentum, in stunting human growth, save for strength and survival storytelling. Homelessness is not a new problem; the concept has existed for generations. But with growth of the global population of meat puppets, a concurrent growth in the homeless population, in our area.

The global socioeconomic environment is quite Darwinistic by design and effect. Capitalism is an economic model of survival-of-the-fittest, with natural selection making the order of socioeconomic status. George Carlin quipped, in paraphrasing, that the only reason the system doesn’t exterminate the poor is so that they serve as reminder to the middle class of what latently loomed around the corner, and down the street from a job loss. And now, in 2017, Joe American sees a homeless guy, gives him a good judging over, either offers snipets of cash, or doesn’t. But the money of course isn’t the point. It’s the judgment. Shame on Joe. There are tons of bright-eyed college graduates, flopping around, tripping over each other, while less recent grads are dreary-eyed with reality, with much less activity. Most end up feeling fortunate to settle on some mop-and-bucket job, and the middle class shrivels a bit, as the Precariat class swells along with the included homeless population; by definition, homelessness is precarious living. Not having a home…imagine…

Have you ever absolutely had to sleep in your car? If you have, then I would bet that it was not a good sleep experience. Homeless folks who possess cars are the fortunate ones, and they’re all Grateful, with a capital Gee. But still, they’d prefer park the car, and go inside. With all the advancement in Science, one may ponder as to why the Social Sciences have lagged back, seemingly functioning solely as a dole system, from the employees down. Social engineering has brought us political correctness…yay. That’s some sturdy social design you guys. Thanks. There isn’t much need for a sensible grasp of applying political correctness when tangled up in the social safety net. Of course, the glaring exception would be in the presence of your case worker. The Social Sciences are also responsible for producing a swollen group of overeducated underachievers. And they’re only overeducated and underachieving as a direct result of the bottleneck in the status quo. IT has proven to be unsustainable. And now, with the advent of automation, the mop-and-bucket jobs are harder to find…and endure. The homeless population grows.

Joe American is oblivious to the plight of the Precariat class, nor its far-reaching depths of the stagnating homeless. Joe is happily ignoring the unfortunates he sees, or feigns not noticing. For you see, Joe has a home, so he cares not about the bum before him, nor his story. In concurrence with Joe, it’s hard as hell to generate empathy, if one has none. If all Joe can see is the presence of a grotesque creature of misfortune, not the human specimen, how can Joe care?…he cannot empathize with some tattered dude hanging out on the curb. Joe may even wonder to himself, “ how dare he impose on me?” Humanity is in agony, and she doesn’t even know it; she’s been thoroughly distracted by shiny bits.


Anonymous said...

Is Joe a male of female. It is a name almost universally, in English, reserved for and used by males. Yet your last sentence refers to Joe as "she"? What gives?

Anonymous said...

have u noticed? ur posts suck.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of the homeless are there only because they cannot find a job?

Do you remember when society turned away from the concept of school kids actually winning or losing a sporting contest, or even an academic contest? Do you remember when schools began ranking their graduating class, and bestowing the honorariums of valedictorian and salutatorian upon the smartest and hardest working students?

Do you remember when colleges began to accept watered down entrance exams? And gave preference to applicants with lower grades in order to kowtow to the "social engineers" [now THAT is an oxymoron]?

Perhaps some of the homeless "problem" is due to the thinking or the slide rule-less engineers of social "science."

Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like something I wrote.

Anonymous said...

The common paragraph saw the look on danny durden's face and ran in hysterical fear.