Sunday, July 30, 2017

fantasy baseball free for all!

Making the turn at the baseball trade deadline, how’s your team doing? Last weekend’s double DL shelving of top notch producers Kershaw and Strasburg sent shockwaves through the fantasy baseball universe; some owners are still reeling from the aftershock Doppler rumblings as they scramble to find replacement parts for their squads with the gaping hole left behind.

Paying close attention and making some savvy moves to mitigate the damage is the only way to keep pace, especially at this part of the race, at the top of the stretch. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Little-known players, putting up productive numbers is what you’re looking for; they’re available at pretty much every position if you’re watching the box scores. If you’re finding yourself suddenly lagging behind your competition, it’s a safe assumption that your opponents have their ears in better positions near the ground. After you take notice of the mystery players putting up good production, these performers are the ones on whom to take a flyer. Get in as close to the ground floor as you can with these young studs; young talent can yield some juicy fruit. The orchard is ripe with points, if you can spot them. It’s a matter of withitness; you have to be with it.

Putting one’s roster on cruise control while the games go on is a surefire way to sandbag oneself, and then come up quite short when the second season starts. That is not how you would try to get ready for the fantasy playoffs. As anyone playing fantasy baseball knows, it can be a rush when new acquisitions homer on their first night, or a new pitcher puts up 10 strikeouts in a long-inning win. And you gotta find the surplus points from somewhere. So if you’ve managed to get to this point of the season, and still be relevant…good job.

I’m not a fantasy baseball expert. But this season seems to be an extremely injury-plagued campaign of tribulation. I’m sure you would agree? Navigating through this season’s injury storm has been grueling. And now with Kershaw and Strasburg checked up on the DL, gloomy gray skies cover the great expanses of the fantasy ocean. With the playoffs only a few short weeks away, the journey is nearing the end, if a little masterful maneuvering might make lightning strike. Making the money moves to get to the winner’s circle is what it’s all about.


Anonymous said...

so let's get this straight, you got fired out your job at Salvation Army's for being a smart ass and now you set around all day playing fantasy baseballs making the "big money moves "?

Anonymous said...

Who cares where anyone worked....interesting articles so far. If what a person did or what a person knows had an effect on what he can post.....A$$BURROW would be shut down, cause he's dumber than hell!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

7:30 I hope you didn't spit your dentures out laughing at your own lame jokes. You are what people refer to when they speak of "mental health issues".