Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Drive to remove Confederate symbols spurs backlash

A revived campaign to remove Confederate statues and symbols from government grounds has reignited an impassioned national debate pitting opponents against self-described "patriots" who argue the monuments stand for heritage and not hate. 
These tensions were bared over the weekend when defenders of those symbols traveled to Gettysburg, Pa., preparing to face off against rumored anti-Confederate protests.
Those protests never materialized
But while the Confederate flag remains a deeply offensive symbol to many Americans and a painful reminder of the South's history of slavery, some -- like those who came to Gettysburg -- say flying the flag is about preserving heritage and honoring ancestors. 
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The South is going to rise again!!!! Fly the Confederate Flag!!!!

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JT you really should post this!

Rally To Preserve Our Historical Civil War Plaques And Monuments
Public · Hosted by Char Selby
Friday July 8

Tomorrow at 1 PM - 5 PM
Wicomico County Circuit Court
101 N Division St, Salisbury, Maryland 21801

We will be peaceably assembling to exercise our First Amendment Right to protest against a petition brought forth to our city council by James Yamakawa with SURJ, a radical progressive left wing sub group of Black Lives Matter, who started a petition to remove a Confederate Civil War plaque in Salisbury, MD.. simply because it is " located close to a courthouse where slaves were treated unjust and the plaque represents White supremacy." This group is race baiting and spreading false information in order to further their leftist agendas and division in our community. We will be standing in solidarity as we let our voices and our over 540+ counter petition votes to be seen and heard by our media and city government officals in this matter. We the People can not continue to sit idly by while a handful of people wish to alter and remove our history, simply because they deem it to be offensive. We condemn all racism, in any form. Our Historical markers should stand and not moved or removed, as they are historically accurate and do not promote white supremacy in any shape or form. It is our right as Americans, to discuss and to interpret our American history and to preserve it for future generations. We implore our council members and our county executive and delegates to help us in this fight to preserve our freedoms from such attacks here in Salisbury and in Maryland. Please being your American flags and signs and join us in front of the old courthouse Saturday, July 8th at 1:00 pm as we stand for freedom... we need as many people as possible to show. If you love our country, but are tired of watching as it is being slowly eroded away by liberal aggression, now is the time to stand. We need you. Join us! Please SHARE this and don't forget to sign our counter protest pertaining to this matter here