Thursday, July 6, 2017

Communist, ‘Anti-Profit’ Maryland Restaurant Begs ‘Comrades’ to Keep Dream Alive

A Maryland “food co-op” which bills its fare as “food for people, not for profit,” has turned to crowdfunding in the hopes that its “comrades” will help save the failing restaurant.
The Maryland Food Collective is an “anti-profit,” vegan and vegetarian restaurant that operates on the University of Maryland’s campus. It offers a self-described “safe space” from the evils of capitalism which, no doubt, permeate the campus and other local restaurants, and boasts a managerial system that shuns bosses and managers in the name of equality.
But lately, students have turned to for-profit organic grocers like Whole Foods and other, tastier vegetarian restaurants. And, after a series of setbacks that include a broken walk-in refrigerator, the Maryland Food Collective is now forced to beg for operating funds in order to continue its grand, communist experiment.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

One problem might be that no one even knows this place exists.

Anonymous said...

Communism doesn't work.