Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Show

ONE DAY ONLY! 12 historic Chesapeake Bay Buyboats will be on display where visitors can see these majestic vessels up close, hear their stories and even climb aboard the buyboats that are designated ‘floating museums.’

This family friendly FREE event will provide a window into the past, a period in time that shaped the culture of the entire Chesapeake Bay region. Imagine when the Bay’s waters were filled with skipjacks, deadrises and other workboats harvesting oysters, crabs and fish. Buyboats purchased the watermen’s catch right out in the Bay and transported the cargo to ports like Crisfield, Baltimore and other shipping centers.

These buyboats are very impressive. Some that will be on display are 65’ feet in length but every one of them are historic showpieces. All of the buyboats in this fleet are members of the prestigious group, Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association and their Crisfield stop is part of their 2017 Bay tour.

Visitors will get free parking at Somers Cove Marina at the 9th St. entrance, though come early space is limited. If staying for “Wheels on the Waterfront,” the car-show that follows from 5-8pm visitors can leave their vehicles parked on the premises.

If you’re coming by boat, please visit for special offers and activities.

This is a maritime heritage event you do not want to miss.

This event made possible through the partnership of: Chesapeake Buyboat Association, Somers Cove Marina, Crisfield Heritage Foundation and The Crisfield Story Project. Sponsored by Tawes Insurance.


Anonymous said...

I rode in the J Millard Tawes with Millard and his brother Wellington.

Anonymous said...

When is this?

Anonymous said...

sounds like mr Pollitt has some positive things going on in Crisfield. maybe wico voters made a huge mistake by electing culver. last time I saw culver he was sleeping in a golf cart at henry parker complex saying he was making a point