Monday, June 5, 2017

Somerset County DUI Accident

At Fault Operator in Crash Charged with DUI (Somerset County)June 5, 2017

On June 3, 2017 at approximately 10:46 pm, Troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack were dispatched to the area of US Route 13 and Route 413 for a motor vehicle collision.

Upon arrival, troopers observed two vehicles in the roadway which had been involved in a collision.  Investigation revealed that a Black Nissan Pathfinder operated by Douglas McClain Sr., 58 years old from Salisbury, MD was traveling on N/B Rt. 413 and intended to cross S/B. Rt. 13 to continue North.  At the time of the collision, McClain failed to yield the right of way to a white Chevrolet Impala which was heading S/B on Rt. 13 and driven by David J. Hendershot, 57 years old of Bloxom, VA.

During the course of the investigation, the driver of the Black Nissan, McClain, admitted to consuming an alcoholic beverage prior to the collision.  Troopers also made observations of McClain which were consistent of a person who was impaired by alcohol.   McClain performed several standardized field sobriety test, but the tests were stopped due to McClain wanting medical attention, even though he refused moments prior.  McClain was transported to PRMC hospital where troopers again contacted him in reference to the impaired driving investigation.  McClain refused an evidence test for alcohol at the hospital.  McClain was issued citations for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving, and driving with a suspended registration.

The driver and passenger of the other vehicle were transported to PRMC with non-life threatening injuries.


Anonymous said...

How can you refuse the blood alcohol test at the hospital? Thought you can on scene, but then they take you to hospital and force you to take it?

Anonymous said...

I answered you on the "other" blog but will answer you here as well. Blood tests are MANDATORY only if the collision that you are involved in (there is no such thing as an ACCIDENT according to MSP) results in the death of or a life threatening injury to another person Involved in the collision.

Anonymous said...

734 how can u force anyone to do anything? This is America not Syria

Anonymous said...

See 6:50's answer, he knows whereof he speaks.
I don't know about other countries, but here in the United States we strap you ass down on a bed/gurney and an MSP certified nurse sticks a needle in your arm and draws blood, puts the sample in a certified MSP blood kit and it is sent to the MSP Lab.
It is called collection of evidence and is approved by MD COA and SCOTUS.

Folks who don't like it can move to Syria, there they just shoot you, and someone holds an empty bottle under the wound and holds it up to Allah's golden sunlight, and if it is red, than sure as shit you are drunk.

Remember: Don't drink and drive!

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! People forget that driving is a "privilege" that can be revoked at any time. Driving is not a RIGHT. It is a PRIVILEGE extended to you by the state government. That is a fact and the stone cold bottom line. The government can put ANY AND ALL conditions on that privilege that they want.

Anonymous said...

I passed that accident sat night and I'm amazed there weren't more serious injuries. ...thankfully.That is the second accident I've seen at that intersection in 3 months.

Anonymous said...

I just learned that ankle monitors are now available with blood alcohol detecting capability.A friend of mine just violated probation because he was drinking while under house arrest.I'm not even sure he knew the monitor could detect that,but it did and he's back in prison.