Monday, June 5, 2017

Crisfield Police Investigating Weekend Shooting



The Crisfield Police Department is investigating a Shooting incident which occurred over the weekend in the Crisfield Housing Authority.


On 6/4/2017,  at approximately 1207 hours, the Crisfield Police Department received dispatched calls for several incidents of an individual chasing a subject and that person was armed with a handgun shooting at the other individual. Upon the police officers arrival, we was able to discern that the incident took place in the half circle of the Crisfield Housing Authority. The officers spoke to several individuals who would state that one individual was shooting at another and that person entered a vehicle and drove off in an unknown direction.  The suspect did not shoot that individual and no injuries occurred. There were several children playing in the area and no one was injured. The Crisfield Police Department has received several anonymous tips from individuals concerning what occurred and why it occurred. At this time, no one has come forward to help identify the shooter in this incident.


After the incident the Crisfield Police Department increased patrols and brought additional officers in to the area.


The Crisfield Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding this incident to please come forward or anyone with anonymous information relevant to this matter to please call the Crisfield Police Department at (410)968-1323, speak to Det. Whitman or Oakes.


Anonymous said...

Crisfield should ask advice in hiw to cover up crime stats from SPD ?

Anonymous said...

Need to investigate the water company our water has been off for over twelve hours..they keep lying to us!!!