Wednesday, June 14, 2017

City Welcomes New Deputy City Administrators

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day and City Administrator Julia Glanz are proud to announce that Alison Pulcher and Andy Kitzrow will be joining the City as its new Deputy City Administrators.  In line with the Mayor’s recently adopted FY18 budget which mandates reorganization in some areas of City government, the formerly singular Assistant City Administrator job title has been reimagined to better handle a growing workload.

“The Assistant Administrator position came into being as part of the FY ’07 budget,” said the Mayor, “and it has been the office where the rubber meets the road on our most important fiscal and planning documents ever since.  As we have taken on more and more event planning and production, with all that is laid out in our Master Plan and with the National Folk Festival now a very big reality for us, the position’s scope of responsibility has become large enough that a second person is needed as we move forward.”

City Administrator Julia Glanz said, “We set a high bar for this group of applicants, and there were some very strong interviews. It’s a unique situation to have to search for two ideal candidates to fill matching positions like this, but we were fortunate enough to have met a couple of interviewees who really ‘wowed’ us.”

Alison Pulcher and Andy Kitzrow will each bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to bear upon their new assignments.  Currently, Alison serves as the Communications and Special Events Coordinator for Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services.  Andy is the Recreation Superintendent for the Wicomico County Recreation and Parks Department.

Alison’s experience is grounded in government and public relations.  Throughout her professional career, she has served as the Legislative Director for Delegate J.B. Jennings of the Maryland House of Delegates, as well as the legal assistant for a Kansas State House Representative. In addition to her service in various political capacities, Alison has also served as the Military Community Liaison to the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and as the Leadership Manhattan Coordinator.  Locally, Alison is the Race Director of the Hero Day 5k, and one of the driving forces behind the rotary Club’s “Flags 4 Heroes” displays across from Shorebird Stadium in Salisbury.

Andy has worked as the Recreation Superintendent for Wicomico County since 2011 and has experience in activity planning and personnel management.  Throughout his time with the County, Andy has coordinated efforts within the community to encourage citizen activity and program participation. Andy has also managed multiple special events with a multitude participants. He is a Salisbury native.

“I’m excited to welcome Alison and Andy, and I look forward to each of their contributions as we move our City forward,” said the Mayor.  “The expectations for these positions are high, and that was made abundantly clear during the interview process.  These individuals will be leading our City team as we make historic progress over the next few years, and I’m confident that we’ve found the right people for the job.”


Annie Nonmous said...

J T I'm not sure if you still do "Shit for Brains "junk but thought you might enjoy.
If you are so inclined you can post it as "a viewer wrote" as I know it will not see the light of day on his blog.

SBYNews Article Exceeds 350,000 Views and Almost 270 Comments, 6/15 headliner on SBYNEWS

Joe you got so many hits BECAUSE you also reported misinformation on FaceBook
causing frenzy for the town of OC

SBYNews 1st published this on 6/9

“BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: The Ocean City Maryland "Family Friendly Resort" Was Overwhelmed With Crime/Murder Last Night just a hint of what happened in Ocean City last night. There was a stabbing downtown around 9th street. A subject was shot in the leg on the beach at 75th st. There was a drive by shooting in the area of McDonald's on 33rd st. There was a reported 6 to 8 shots fired. A body was found behind the dumpster with multiple gunshot wounds, the subject was pronounced deceased. “
Originally published at 8:21 AM.
And again at 6/11/2017 06:00:00 AM

But the O C Dispatch (Newspaper) reported these incidents as

“Around midnight, OCPD officers responded to the 9th Street Liquor Mart for a fight. According to Richard, three suspects assaulted a victim and authorities believe a knife was used at some point. A 19-year-old Columbia, Md. man has been detained.. The victim suffered minor injuries.

In that incident, according to Ocean City Police Public Affairs Specialist Lindsay Richard, an individual accidently discharged a gun and then disposed of it on the beach. The individual suffered minor injuries.

According to an official OCPD release, on Friday at approximately 2:45 a.m. Ocean City police responded to a report of shots fired near the McDonalds. Later in the morning, officers were alerted to evidence of damage caused by ammunition to a vehicle nearby. There have been no reported victim(s) of a shooting”.

Then there were other reportings of the O C crime spree that SBYNews was the 1st to report titled

“Social media misinformation fuels rumor mill after separate OC incidents”

“A trio of unrelated incidents in Ocean City early Friday morning kicked the web and social media rumor mill into overdrive, causing headaches for city officials.

"One Facebook user's comment summed up the evening of misinformation: "There was a drive by shooting in the area of McDonald's on 33rd st. There was a reported 6 to 8 shots fired. A body was found behind the dumpster with multiple gunshot wounds, the subject was pronounced deceased."
(GEE LOOK AT THAT - SBYNEWS FACEBOOK misinformation word for word))

Breaking News from a site that apparently reports gossip, not news, was the cause of O C officials having to “put out fires”

“Social media can be the town's best friend or worst enemy, said Jessica Waters, spokeswoman for Ocean City.

“We use it for positive things, but when inaccurate info gets out it can be dangerous,” she said Friday afternoon. “And what we’ve seen over the last 12 hours is some serious misinformation.”

Waters urged the public to visit official town websites or social media pages for the most accurate information and to not immediately believe everything they read.

Social media misinformation fuel rumor mill aftera - The York Daily ...

Social media misinformation fuels rumor mill after separate OC incidents

Social media misinformation fuel rumor mill after separate oc incidents ...

Social media misinformation fuel rumor mill after separate oc incidents ...

Social media misinformation fuel rumor mill after separate oc incidents ...

Anonymous said...

andy left the county to go to the city because he heard the city has less alcohol testing

Anonymous said...

Wicomico county is the only employer ive ever heard of where you can blow the lid off a breathalyzer at 830 am, and then be given a month off with pay, and then have your job back. WOW

Anonymous said...

Wayyyy too much time on your hands!