Thursday, May 18, 2017


They WILL destroy this presidency, because making America great again is a concept that the current democrat party cannot fathom.

THEY are controlling the conversation, they will not allow the American people to read or hear anything positive about President Trump. 

We must support the President and his America First policies. 

What:     Rally/Sign waving, theme of signs "Fake News"

When:   Saturday May 20, 11 AM to 1 PM

Where:  Route 50 Eastbound, just before the 611 intersection, West Ocean City.

Why:     Do nothing, lose all!

Details: volunteers will be on route 611 just past the route 50 intersection to direct you to parking (across the street from Food Lion). Do not park in the Trader Lees complex in front of businesses. Arrive no later than 10:45.


Anonymous said...

I attended the event there was a good turn out and the speakers were great at the social after.

Anonymous said...

Zero coverage.