Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jeffrey Gunderson Missing Over 9 Years......

Today I want to focus entirely on one case..Jeffrey Gunderson.

8 years since Jeff went missing.

Jeff has been missing for 8 years and as time continues to advance it becomes more important that ever for his story to be told. 

Jeffrey was just living his life that day 8 years ago, from the police report he had made a pot of coffee and put his cell phone on charge. I have spoken to his girlfriend Lola many times about the case and it breaks her heart everyday not having closure to this case. Lola left that day around noon and Jeffrey was fine just doing his thing, but when she returned several hours later she noticed his vehicle was still in the driveway, the backdoor was open and Jeffrey was no where to be found. The Coffee Pot was still on, his phone was still on charge , his medications and cigarettes lay where he had set them earlier. Jeffrey was never seen again.

Jeffrey was known to cash his Social Security checks in the beginning of the Month and from time to time pay people to cut his grass or do some yard work. 

Someone out there has heard something or knows something that can close this case and give closure to his family and friends. I ask you to please share this post