Sunday, May 21, 2017

Burglary Suspects Arrested in Somerset County May 20, 2017

On 05/19/2017 at approximately 1920 hours, Maryland State Troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack in Somerset County were dispatched to 9120 Deal Island Road, Wenona, Maryland in reference to a burglary in progress.

Upon arrival troopers with the assistance of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office observed a broken door with obvious forced entry.  A search of the residence revealed numerous individuals inside without the home-owner’s permission.

The following individuals were charged with burglary in the 4th degree with the following dispositions:

Janie Francis Jenkins, 50 years old from Princess Anne, Maryland, released on Personal Recognizance.

Joseph George Hoffman, 46 years old from Princess Anne, Maryland, held at Somerset County Jail on $15,000 bond.

Richard Joseph Rusch, 25 years old from Princess Anne Maryland, released on Personal Recognizance.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Thanks for the Somerset County update.....

Anonymous said...

That`s cute that the police think it was a burglary,
everyone involved in this, including the resident of the home that was broken into, are heroin junkies.
if you don`t pay your electric bill the power company cuts your power off, if you don`t pay your dealer this is how he comes to collect.

go to maryland case search and look up all the people involved ,including the person who lives at that address.
3 of the people involved including the person who lives there got busted 6 days ago on may 13th for possession and the van they were in was impounded for having suspended tags.

the sad part is the court will let them all go with a slap on the wrist to continuing re-offending, the courts don`t care, the judge and states attorney probably live in million dollar houses in gated communities with private security, they don`t care that they are releasing criminals back into the "peasants" communities.
the judge and prosecutor will never have vermin like this in their community so they just let em go.

Anonymous said...

JT what do you think of the firing of Ms. Lewis by Culver....(where's WALDO)? Wayne looked more like the County Executive than WALDO ever has. Boy do we miss Rick, at least he was a people person, no wonder County Employees are so unhappy with WALDO he didn't even attempt to chime in.....probably intoxacated.

Anonymous said...

Comment Change
I'm having some issue getting the new comment system incorporated ,so for time being switching back to the old comment system till I figure it out.


If you want to keep your readers and commenters I would strongly suggest you keep this format or you will lose your readers. You have tried changing numerous times. The other blogger has tried changing numerous times. Anonymous is the only way to go due to retaliation. It's a fact so quit trying to change it. And please do away with the checking to see if the commenter is a real person part. That is almost as bad and it's frustrating making us not even want to waste our times coming back. Just a fact Jack!

Anonymous said...

If you leave the comment section this way people will comment

Anonymous said...

Ricky Rusch has been a delinquent since he was in middle school in Worcester county.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Hoffman nick name is Joe Dirt and the drug house is on pine pole road with junkie boarders living in the garage