Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Adult Suspects Charged after February Moltov Cocktail Incident

Two Adult Suspects Charged after 

February Moltov Cocktail Incident

          Wicomico County, MD (March 8, 2017) -- Deputy State Fire Marshals charged Netisha Black (38) and Gregory Washington (62) after determining the two suspects were responsible for manufacturing and placing devices next to the home of Leander Lewis located at 428 Jefferson Street in Salisbury.
          The incident originally occurred at approximately 3:00 a.m. on February 12, 2017.  Mr. Lewis returned home and found one device burning next to the foundation of his home.  He quickly extinguished it and notified the Salisbury Police Department.  Responding Salisbury officers collected the evidence and turned the investigation over to the Office of the State Fire Marshal.  Deputy State Fire Marshals determined the incident was a result of a family dispute.  Black and Washington were developed as primary suspects and warrants were subsequently issued for their arrests.  They were interviewed today at the Lower Eastern Regional Office of the State Fire Marshal and subsequently arrested and transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center without incident.
          Netisha Black was charged with (two counts) Manufacture, Possession, Distribution of a Destructive Device, (one count) 1st Degree Attempted Arson and (one count) Arson Threat.  Gregory Washington was charged with (two counts) Manufacture, Possession, Distribution of a Destructive Device, (one count) Conspiracy1st Degree Attempted Arson and (one count) False Statement.  If found guilty, both suspects are facing nearly 90 years imprisonment and/or $560,000 in  fines.

Netisha Black

Gregory Washington


Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs for the black community, now they are trying to burn down eachother's houses.

Anonymous said...

It always seems like a good idea when you're high...LOL

Anonymous said...

Is that Netisha or Maxine Waters

Anonymous said...

Face 90 years for this but child molesters serve like 5 years

Anonymous said...

Tuffy I see you had to get back home so you could retire.

Anonymous said...

Judges are child molesters that's why the light sentences.