Monday, March 27, 2017

Support Lowereasternshorenews

In the recent week I have been making changes to the site to make it a more user friendly experience. I am adding some new features and changing others. I am going to focus more on unbiased news reports, but not lose my identity of telling things from my personal view. I will be introducing a new header to the posts that are my personal opinion so it can be clear that these are my personal thoughts on matters I feel strongly about.

I ask you to please support my efforts. I need advertisers to help me continue this site. I have the largest local following on social media of any local news site like mine, and I would like to  make this a bigger enterprise to include maybe being able to hire someone. To make this happen I need advertisers. You will get top of the page ads that click back to your homepage and full posts on the site showing your products or services. If you don't have a business you can also donate to this effort my clicking the button on the left sidebar.

I know times are tight for everyone, but I can't go on forever providing news for free that in the end of the day is costing me money and time to provide. I appreciate any support you can give to help my site be better and expand. You can contact me using the new contact form in the right side column and of course my phone number is shown at top to text me photos or news tips of things happening .